How do you vote with your wallet?

How do you vote with your wallet?

If "money drives politics" then vote where it count$


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It's time for an estate tax. America is not an aristocracy!
down with the fat cats, corporate america can no longer oppress the bourgeois and we will rise to create a new world order
unicorn sandwich
I am glad that you have this website. I agree that oil is nothing more than a big scam. There are better types of energy but because of the government improvements are not being made. You see the truth is the oil companies lobby the government in ways the cause harm to competition. To prevent this we need to restrict the government not the people. Only then will be able to defeat the oil companies. A truly free market would eliminate oil and replace it with more efficient forms of energy.
Thomas Jefferson
Voting with your wallet is the first step that is to be taken in the oil divestment movement. Voting with your dollar doesn't always mean you have to spend that dollar. Instead of giving the oil cartel your vote and their power, vote with your wallet by not voting at all,if that makes sense? take away their money/power by choosing alternate means of energy, transportation, and food production.
I avoid ATT, Verizon and COMCAST. I buy minor brands, and stay away from heavily advertized products such as Bose, or Bicardi.
I need help with learning more about this
I use the GoodGuide website and app to find out which companies and products support which side of the aisle.
I moved my money to a small local bank. The lack of ATM's doesn't matter since I live within walking distance to the bank, Mechanics Bank in CA. I recommend avoiding large banks. I sometimes buy American made products, but it is difficult to do so all the time. I also recommend looking at the labor practices of a company, such as Walmart vs. Costco. Costco pays pretty good wages and the company really cares about its employees. Smaller is often better. Target doesn't really need your money. A small business coffee shop really does need your money.
R. Parsons
I went to my my app store and downloaded pocketbookvoters to my smartphone. It makes it easy to vote with my wallet. The website does the same thing. very cool.
Bill Adams
I don't buy pepsico / coca-cola company products. e.i: taco bell, pizza hut, mcdonald's, burger king, doritos, frito lay, domino's, papa johns.
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I am a raw vegan, I do not support the meat, dairy, and packaged food industries!
Started shopping at Costco for necessities, simply because they pay their employees a living wage.
NO more Wal-Mart!!!
I stopped buying anything new, unless completely unavoidable. Starting to shop farmers markets and direct from farmers for what I need food wise.
I am only spending money with businesses that pay a living wage, period.
Not buying the Xbox One
Food. Shelter. Water.
These are essential.
EVERYTHING else we can do without.
Find someone to love, and you'll see how little everything else matters.
Where you make money is a vote. Where you spend your money is a vote.
Many people have died for the right to vote. You are here reading this today. Vote wisely.
I rarely buy anything in packages. My food comes from farms. I never carry a wallet unless I'm planning on buying something (once or twice a week). I make my own coffee and izotonic drinks. I look up online how to make things before giving money to corporations for something I can make by myself.
Never buy Nestlé products!
I only buy sustainable fish. It maybe more expensive, but it will help the fish population in the long run!
Nike is out,
I drive slow as hell.

That way I use the least amount of smog-producing, atmosphere-polluting, global warming-contributing gas as I can.

It keeps the people tail-gaiting me from burning more than they need, getting to that next red light.

I am a slowpoke force for good.

And the money I'm saving is going towards an e85 conversion kit, to turn my old boat into a machine that pollutes less than a Prius.
Steve Damron
I stopped being an employee. (taxes)
I stopped paying for a smartphone data plan.
I boycott strip clubs to legalize prostitution
want to legalize marijuana? boycott alcohol.
If we tell you, they'll find a way around it...
I donate 10% of my income to UNICEF, and buy organic food from local markets when I can.
My family is going to completely boycott businesses, geographic areas including vacation areas, and people (e.g. actors/actresses/performers) that voted "blue" in the 2012 election... giving these folks $$ only enables them to further their causes.
I avoid spending money that goes to profit the current system of predatory capitalism & corporate tyranny. Social cooperation & strong communities built this great country not the greed & selfishness of profit Barons. Avoid all right-wing propaganda that keeps promoting conspicuous consumption of superfluities. Bourgeois slaves of either party have everyone brainwashed believing that ours is the most fair & just system there could be: THAT is a lie! Elections are a manufactured & orchestrated spectacle to give people the illusion of participation. Don't be fooled, you are not a citizens, but a consumer: you can only vote with your wallet now.
Damon Simonetti
I avoid spending money on any liberal, socialist or non-capitalistic cause. Capitalism & communities built this great country not liberal ideals and 'sharing the wealth'. Avoid most Hollywood productions...the libs in Hollywood want to dictate how we all behave, yet they are hypocritical....Take from the weathly, just not those in Hollywood? Look at Bill Gates...capitalist, built a multi-national corporation supporting thousands and now he's giving it all away, without the corrupt government. Just as it should be.
Tired of Liberialism
Don't buy products advertising on MSNBC....
Frank Drain
portions of starbuck's profits go to support genocide and terrorism, i don't drink there
I've travelled via GREYHOUND BUS LINES INC for 30 years. One day, I was accosted in an unprovocked, hostile manner by one of their employees. Back story, I bought a one-way ticket to L.A. I was a clean-cut, clean-shaven, freshly-bathed, neatly-dressed middleaged white guy just minding my own business in their depot awaiting my bus departure. I've decided at that point onward that "The Dog is Dead to me", "The Hound Is History". I discovered and travelled via AMTRAK next trip and damn glad I did :) !
Andrew Phillips
Have not shopped at WalMart for the last six years!
I just do
I write to companies that have confusing websites, phone menus, etc and I blog the hell out of them until they change. I want to make YouTube videos showing how impossibly difficult ATT&T and other companies are
I now look to see where something is made. US is my first choice, even if it costs a bit more. If a product is made in Georgia, I choose it over other states, because I live in Ga.
I buy local produce, don't buy Monsanto products, I buy organic. I also try to buy from companies with green initiatives and ride my bicycle to work.
I have my own moonshine still. Screw Budweiser!
Shoot, forgot to mention farmers markets. Buy what produce I can there first, then the rest at the Co-op.
Buying at local, small (not big box) stores. I bank at a credit union. I grocery shop at a co-op. I live simply and buy as local as possible
I dont really think it matters about anything.
I am refusing to shop anywhere for "black Friday" and continuing to support small local businesses and our US Postal system across the nation. Etsy, craft fairs and Farmer's markets have better stuff at better quality and the last thing I need is another bill for something I didn't really have energy to tell myself I never needed.
I am pushing the people in my life to use for all of their book purchases instead of
David Sheridan
Whenever possible I buy as locally as possible (City, State, Regional, Country). Local producers are passionate and have great pride in their products/services. I buy products from companies that put value on social dividends. I put a value on these traits and I am willing to pay for these features.
Michael Penta
Go to the secondary market - flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales.
Send money to Ron Paul with money I save.
Constitution Cate
I live close to my job so I don't have to buy gas.
I purchase locally grown food at my farmers market and I don't buy stuff I don't need - novelty items or junk food or overpriced appliances that will break in a year or two - I believe folks should look at each dollar they spend as a vote for the world they want to live in - the 1% uses millions to influence elections - they get some of their money from us as we go about purchasing products and novelty food that we don't really need - Let's use our dollars to support the rest of the 99% and buy local goods and services as much as we can - The 1%ers are not going to create job if it hurts their bottom line - Let's do what we can to create jobs on a local level by keeping our dollars in our own local economies - this also means not shopping at WalMart etc. if you get my drift - If you don't like the politics of the Koch brothers - find out what companies they own and don't buy their products or services - - if we all did that the majority 99% would be able to flex the sway it actually has....
Jane Elliott
Pull all of the money out of your 401k to pay the mortgage on your house. That will prevent the banks from stealing two of your most valuable assets.
BOYCOTTING anything I can from large corps---including employment.

Banking with bail-out free Credit Unions

Buying FROM and working FOR local small businesses.

Saving all my money for property and an EARTHSHIP.

I vote by making conscious decisions in what I choose to purchase or not purchase.
I choose to not drink water from bottles because it is wasteful. It takes 3 Liters of water to make a 1 liter water bottle. I purchase from local stores because 68% of the money spent stays in the community compared to 43% at a chain store.

Help spread the word and become an educated consumer.
Vote With It: The Movement
I make every effort to keep my money from ending up at a business, city, state or country with policies or accepted practices I find intolerable. A great example of a company with a policy or accepted practice I find intolerable is Bank of America. Bank of America's new plan to raise money by instituting a FIVE dollar monthly fee if a checking customer uses their debit card to make a purchase is intolerable and reprehensible. I will vote with my wallet by closing any and all checking accounts I hold with Bank of America. I will do this even though the move does not directly affect me, as I do not use my debit cards to make purchases. I do not agree with entities nickle and dimming people. Let's stop them in their tracks, as the saying goes, "Got to nip it in the bud!"
I Buy Ron Paul stuff and drive around like a nutjob waving and smiling at people, spreading peace and love - a weird concept to most.
Republican Hippie
I buy Hemp!!!
Ben Droz
No dominating brands
Plastic Bertrand
I don't buy products from cunts.
know more abt each link in the chain and spend to avoid bad links
b ulr
I eat homegrown food, or I buy it from local farmers - meat, veggies, fruits, etc. Organic food only!

Before I buy clothes, I search some background about the label/company background, no mass brands (nike, adidas, etc), or I buy clothes at thrift shops.

When I eat out, I only eat at "mom and pop's" style restaurants, where the owner the joint is picking his teeth while I am ordering my food. Great stuff. F*ck McDonald's, Burger King, or any other chain restaurant. Local, local, local. Support your community!
Change lifestyle to send a message. Reduce gas usage modestly, and encourage others. Boycotting gas on a single company is rather futile It works for a short time as long as some universally terrible act has be committed.

When is comes to gasoline and oil companies, recognise they are serving you at the pump, any pump.
Art Jones
To balance my lifestyle better with my beliefs, I have:
Reduced my gasoline usage by 20%
Reduced my water and electricity use by 20%.
Reduced my parking cost by 85%
Offered rides through Craigslist and ride share services to help others.
Increased my use of buses, both city to city and inter city.

The net effect, I am reducing my votes for gas and auto parks, transferring my support to buses.
I walk as well in lieu of some driving. This useful exercise improved my health.

I am saving money and
Art Jones
I am informing my loved ones about what is going on around them and what to look for and avoid. I post anything and everything about what the globalist are doing to this country to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I am reading every book I can get my hands on to better understand what is happening to the economy and the military. I stopped watching tv and manly use Youtube and the internet to get my news updates and only pay attention to facts and not all this B.S. rhetoric that spews out the mouths of most this secret society politicians. I am keeping up with the legal actions the states are taking against the TSA pat downs and illigal body scanners being used against the very people this government is supposed to be protecting. I believe in the US Constitution and I am teaching it to my 8 year old who has never even heard of it. This is just a little bit of the steps I have been taking to stay informed. It is my moral duty to call out what I am seeing and learn about it so I can do my part as a Free, Concerned and Responsible American citizen.
Concerned American Citizen
I have long held opposition to Dole corporation, so long in fact that I forgot why I have been boycotting them. At anyrate, I had a sleeping kid in the car one day and I wanted bananas, so I gave my 6 year old daughter $5 and told her to go into the store and buy bananas BUT DON"T BUY BANANAS WITH THE DOLE STICKER! She can read so I understood and went and came back. She explained that there were bananas with Dole stickers everywhere but she got some without the Dole sticker from the same box. Doh! Oh well, she is learning ;)
Ron Paul 2012!
Jeremy SasserCollins
Ron Paul.......................2012.

It doesn't help the cause of independence to buy American CRONY CAPITALIST Products.Buy from GM? are subsidizing
a corrupt Union,an inefficient substnderd product, and the Democratic party.Buy from GE?..............ditto.

The list goes on.

The best way to help the best product for the money,work and vote to make the Federal Government as irrelevant as possible to yourself and your loved ones, and help get Ron Paul elected in 2012.

Doing anything else a but a mere speedbump on the road to serfdom.
John Harris
The only way a gas boycott would work is if we all sided with one company and boycotted the rest. This way one company reaps huge beneifts, but the others would goout of business.
The other side of this coin is to stop buying stocks of oil companies When people stop buying/supporting oil stocks, their prices would go down, and so would their gas prices.

Vote with your wallets.
I creased Filtericious, an open-source search engine. Filtericious combines user contributions with Karma measures and voting to ensure an accurate and fully transparent search engine powered by the people who use it. Think of as the Wikipedia of search. is focused on a much needed product search service that allows products to be connected to their social, economic, political and environmental consequences, allowing people to “vote their money” when making purchases. Check out the demo site at and our kickstarter project:
Alex Nugent
I buy locally grown, organic, no GMO's. I sew, thrift shop, buy consciously. No harmful chemicals brought into my home, including personal care and cosmetics. No plastic bags, lots of recycling. I moved my money into a credit union. I don't use dry cleaners, unless they are the green kind. Two of us share a car, and also have a bicycle. I am a meditation and healing teacher and teach others how they can heal themselves by becoming more conscious of their own energy and choices. And so much more!
I voted for John McCain but he didn't win.
Now I demand a refund!
I use Let us know how and where you would like to vote with your wallet. We would love to help!
Mike Norman
keep it local...grow my own food, and give surplus from the harvest to struggling families... Buy gold and silver when ever you can.. much love and GOD willing we'll be free again...
I buy local, organic and sustainable where possible. There is a three-way benefit, to the community around me and to the health and wellbeing of my family AND to the strengthened and resilient bonds formed between familiar interaction between my family and my local community. My urban village is my extended family - people here authentically CARE about me, my wife and my little girl and I CARE about them.
I buy handamade things at Etsy .com. And listen to WOOKIEFOOT music. It teaches you how to live right. I DON"T eat at mcdonalds. Stay away from GMO foods and Monsonto even thought they own 80% of the worlds food supply. Grow your own food when possible. Stay away from hard drugs, turn down your furnace and put on a sweater. Now go listen to WOOKIEFOOT
famrers market
no box stores
local local local...
no plastic kid toys
no sugar
no cable, newspaper, magazines
american gas
no retail prices
michael feldman
I DON'T buy processed foods, I DO buy local and organic, especially from farmers themselves if applicable
chris tabor
in a dozen friends who ordered the same. The shop also sold handbags, jewelry, and T-shirts for a nonexistent Hard Rock Cafe Baghdad, but most customers were lured by Ozkan's $400 "nine-piece , two <strong><a href="">discount true religion jeans</a></strong> shirts, tie, belt, handkerchief, and cufflinksack to the Turkish Sew[url=]discount true religion jeans[/url]
Buy local as much as I can, avoid large companies that are unethical, shop at thrift stores to avoid promoting sweatshop labor, support small businesses.
Erica Michele
I vote with my wallet by researching the companies I spend my money with. I spend no more then 10% of my money with people who I feel don't foot the bill (because all or nothing isn't realistic). I always check to see where companies are putting their money.....and try to also find out what they're values are beyond what they say.
Rai-mon Nemar
grow my own, buy organic, thrift stores, sew, walk and ride bikes, canceled cable, hang out clothes to dry, and so on. I do a ton of stuff.
i got money for tallies
sarah nicholas
Voting With Their Wallets: New Research Finds Younger Americans, Liberals and West Coast Consumers Most Likely to Report Boycotting and ‘Buycotting’ Based on Values

According to a national survey released today, one in three (33%) American adults report boycotting; and one in four (27%) report “buycotting,” a product or service in the past 12 months because of the social or political values of the company that provides it.

The national telephone survey, which was conducted April 8-11, 2010 by StrategyOne, explores the social attitudes and behaviors of more than 1,000 American adults. The survey finds younger Americans, Liberals and West Coast consumers to be the most likely segments to consistently vote with their wallets by engaging in values-based consumption.

The survey asked whether or not respondents had, in the past 12 months, bought a certain product or service because they liked the social or political values of the company that provides it (“buycotting”). Conversely, respondents were also asked if they had decided NOT to buy a certain product or service because they disagreed with the social or political values of a company (boycotting). Similar research was conducted in January, 2010, by the Pew Research Center.

Read the full story at
i vote my wallet by stealing electricity from the street instead of my own house .. the government deserve it !
kim shui
I took out my savings and checking money from all too big to fail banks, who stole taxpayer money and continue to pay themselves huge bonuses. These are the same people that caused the economic collapse, remember. So they caused it, took your money, and then paid themselves AGAIN after the fact with HUGE bonuses. How can you stop them? Stop giving them free loans by voting with your wallet and moving your money to a local or regional bank that is ethical and doesn't gamble on wall street with your money.
I vote with my wallet by purchasing goods that are made in America, and by boycotting goods that are made abroad by American Corporations who have taken good paying jobs abroad to exploit cheap labor abroad and to pay their CEO's insane salaries with the increase in profits from exploiting these poor workers from abroad.
I download music, movies, tv shows and games for PC and Xbox 360 for free using various internet portals. Besides the $45/mo cost of internet, everything else is free.
I stopped buying meat from unethical Industrial Agriculture. I still eat meat.
I don't buy US made products.
I buy organic, nutritious, and sustainable food!
Second hand, grow your own, herbal medicines, what a hypocrite as here I am now...
i've been evading the IRS for 26 years, and i do all my business under the table or by bartering.
By buying the products and SERVICES which I USE, instead of those which are FORCED upon me by gunpoint.
I try not to use money as much as I can. I am building a hydrogen/gas system for my car to use less gas... ummm... I hug trees? haha. I try to trade as often as I can rather then using money when I buy from individuals. My friends and I just trade books and share things. I try to buy locally.... I shop at goodwill alot but thats because I am 21 and pretty broke. I love you. Did I mention I hug trees?
I buy handmade art, made around the world and sold fair-trade in a locally owned and operated store.
cash for clunkers
I prefer to buy locally, from flea markets and small businesses when I can. I do shop at the chains due to cost/convenience, but then I try to find produce that is supplied locally and other items labelled "Made in USA".
I look for "Made in USA" label on everything I buy, and try to buy as local as possible. It's really is still possible to find items made in our country, but it won't be for long, if we keep up the current trend. Buy only "Made in USA" unless absolutely impossible. I even searched different stores for a garden hose nozzle, and found one in ACE Hardware, made in USA! A small purchase, but if we'd all do this, it'd add up, and result in more jobs to stimulate our economy and encourage manufacturing in the United States. (And, the nozzle was no more expensive than the hoards of "made in China" nozzles in a nearby store.)
I only buy clothes, food, and cosmetics that do not contain animal derived ingredients and were not tested on animals. It\'s all about supply & demand and here in the 21st century it is/should be very clear that we do not need to continue to slaughter non-human animals by the billions.
Speaking of gasoline, I have not bought from Exxon and later from Mobil since the Valdez incident. I will never forget all those murdered animals.
I buy whole wheat bread. I don't buy things with refined sugar or flour (okay, I eat some dried fruit with sucrose once or twice a week, in small amounts). I buy agave nectar for sweetener, which has a low glycemic index (doesn't cause one's blood sugar to rise and drop sharply). I buy organic green tea bags (tastes much better!).
Great site! More Americans need to understand that in a free market economy we essentially have the opportunity to vote every day. Some examples of how I vote with my wallet are buying gas only from Shell and vehicles only from Ford. When oil exectutives were called before congress to testify in 2008, Shell was the only company bold enough to point out the government's role in high gas prices. I have always supported Ford Motor Company, but when they became the only American auto maker to turn down a government bailout my respect went to a new level.
I actually found your site while trying to purchase the domain name I commend everyone for "spending" their convictions. The problem I see is that everyone has different convictions and people are all over the place trying to make an impact. My desire is to create a platform for a grass roots movement very much along the lines of what your are doing except focused on one particular company - General Motors. I personally will not purchase any GM or Chrysler product as long as taxpayer money is being used to fund them or purchase stock in them. My idea would be to force Washington to divest itself of its stake in GM by selling it off to private investors. This would be acomplished by getting enough people to not buy GM products that the company, under government control, could never be viable. Not that it's viable now, but the goal would be to drive it even further into the ground and force the issue with Congress. I believe that beginning with GM would be most effective since consumers are familiar with the products and buy them directly. Targeting banks or AIG would be a lot harder to pull off. This endeavor would take some money, some people with good organizational skills, PR experience, etc. If successful, this same tactic of selectively targeting certain government controlled businesses could be used again and again until Uncle Sam is driven out of the private sector once and for all. I look forward to your feedback
Dan Bilezikian
I do the opposite of
There are so many liberal points of view in the media. That's why I stopped watching Sports Center, or PMS-NBC for that matter. Look….there’s only one way to impact these networks and the anti-conservative messages they promote….VOTE WITH YOU’RE WALLET!!! I don't buy products from known anti-conservative companies, or…if a liberal celebrity endorses it. I don’t watch movies or TV or buy music that with liberal stars or lyrics or anti-conservative messages. Of course that leaves fewer alternatives, but they are there. FoxNews and FoxNation are prime examples of where I invest my time and money. REMEMBER….Conservative alternatives will not grow and flourish if Conservatives don’t support them, because you know (or should if you don’t) that conservatives are shunned in Hollywood and NYC. They are already playing this game….so Conservatives….VOTE WITH YOU’RE WALLET!!!
You vote with your wallet by knowing how you purchases are being made and how the people making them are being treated. You should also know where the money you spend is going(ex. is it being used to fund a war? or to stop a war? or just nothing at all?) these are things that you must know in order to vote with your wallet.
I don't watch Entertainment Tonight.
I love to buy local IF my local store offers something unique or provides a service the big box does not. Sometimes this is the case and I am happy. If your only virtue is that you are a local small business that is not good enough.
not "the man"
LOCAL! CSA! Made in the USA! Humane! Organic! Handmade/homemade!
When it comes to bananas, chocolate or coffee, I only buy fair trade. I can´t afford to buy organically grown produce regularly but I do so whenever I`ve got the money. I boycott brands that treat their employees badly or don´t pay minimum wage at least. My clothes come from the american apparel store who doesn´t support sweatshops.
I support local business
I don't frequent McDonalds.
Steve Dawson
I don't buy meat or conventionally raised vegetables, if at all possible.
Stephanie Anagnoson
I don't buy meat.
I've never set foot in a Walmart. My kids have never set food in a McDonald's or any other fast food emporium. We get basic cable only (for Jon Stewart and PBS), no HBO (big Republican donor.) Netflix rules! No advertising, ever (we record anything we watch in advance). I get lots of stuff used through eBay -- especially great great for kids clothes and toys. We grocery shop once a week, from a list -- no impulse buys. No debt. No commercial "feminine products." Sea sponges, Moon pads, and Diva cups are great! Local produce, meat and eggs whenever possible -- it costs more, but the money goes to neighbors. (Besides, I get my kids clothes used!) We roast and grind our own fair trade coffee and make our own cappuccinos with a stovetop espresso maker and steamer. No soft drinks. We make our own ginger ale and buy locally brewed root beer (no corn syrup, no preservative) for a once a week treat. Shampoo, toothpaste, face cream, soap, laundry detergent -- we read labels and don't buy anything with chemical preservatives and harsh or carcinogenic ingredients. Once you start playing the "Vote with your Dollars" game, it's amazing how many choices you have, and how empowering it is to make them every day.
Stop looking at sales flyers - I find that if you don't even look at them, you buy way less. They create need - when you see something on sale, you think you need it NOW, just because it's on sale, but if you'd never seen that it's on sale, you would probably never have bought it (or needed it) at all. Sales flyers are voluminously distributed for a good reason - they work.
My cell phone "contract" is about up. I'm going month to month afterwards. If things get dicy, I turn it off.
Farmer Chuck
i unplugged cabled tv services
erik the red
Buy used such as yard sales, thrift, etc.. Don't borrow money. Pay off your home asap! Make a payment every 2 wks instead of monthly. "Use it up, wear it out!" Buy local or USA made instead of supporting China, etc... If you want something, wait a few wks and see if you still want or need an item such as non-essentials.
If I can't pay cash for it, I don't buy it...
Give up TV. It's indirect, but you recede from a whole world of passive, manufactured desire.
Roy Batty
if it ain,t on sale don,t buy it !
I don't subscribe to cable TV. Until I'm able to purchase channels à la carte, I'm loathe to underwrite the 100+ channels of absolutely worthless crap that monolithic cable plans subsidize. Pity, because The Daily Show is funny, and everyone should have access to C-Span. Then again, I also tend to think of cable companies as anti-competitive monopolists whose Internet services I'd never trust with my personally-identifiable packets, so perhaps I'll just never subscribe to cable. Oh well.
It's far from radical, but when presented with two products, one of which is made locally and another from farther afield, I choose to buy the more local of the two. It's a vote for regional farming and enterprise, and a vote against the environmental costs of shipping products in from far-away places. Don't buy Taiwanese Veat®!
I buy all my gas from Chevron. It's not that they're awesomely green or without sin (though they'd certainly like you to thinks so) -- show me a petrochemical manufacturer that is... please -- but their gas is good, and I'm a shareholder, so it's pretty much bare-faced self-interest that drives this particular monetary vote.